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  • In the face of any natural disaster or severe weather event, it is always important to have an emergency pack at the ready for when things turn sour. The most common items that come to mind are water, food, batteries, first-aid supplies, and lighting. An important item that commonly gets overlooked, is an emergency blanket, also referred to as a

  • Creating your own emergency survival bag can be a bit overwhelming. How much water do you need, how many servings of food, and, since everything you own won’t fit in a back pack, what do you absolutely need to include? That’s just one of the reasons we decided on creating our award-winning survival bags. Reduce the time it takes finding

  • We've been talking about work place safety for some time now and have highlighted the various things to look out for and to prepare for in an emergency situation while at work in effort to keep you prepared and safe at all times. It’s something we’re adamant about because we know the dangers of being caught off guard. That’s the

  • It’s no secret that we live in an imperfect world. This means the worst can happen when you least expect it, regardless of where you are or what day it is. Sustain is here to help you plan for natural disasters and emergency situations. Since natural disasters can be spontaneous, it’s best to be prepared both when you’re at home

  • Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery are the 4 phases of emergency management that work to reduce the damage and fallout that occur after an emergency or natural disaster. This is a continuous cycle of strategic planning and action for local, state, and federal governments. The 4 phases help to fulfil emergency management responsibilities in order to properly and effectively manage

  • Natural disasters have been affecting and reshaping our planet as we know it for hundreds of years. Some of the biggest natural disasters in our history have significantly harmed or wiped out entire civilizations, such as Pompeii. Thankfully, with advancements in technology as well as learning from previous historical events, we now have a better understanding of where and how

  • Nature is often unpredictable. It is why it’s best to ask yourself ahead of time, do you have the preparations in place to protect yourself and the whole family when a disaster strikes without prior warning? Since you won’t be able take everything with you when evacuating, due to weight, storage, and time restraints, it’s important that you are equipped

  • You’re ready for anything when you prepare with Sustain. In previous blogs, we’ve evaluated the most destructive natural disasters and analyzed which geographic areas are most susceptible to certain disasters. Today we want to discuss how natural disasters can be predicted and what weather experts and analysts are doing to prepare us for the future. Since the early 2000s, weather forecasting

  • Sustain was created with the ultimate goal to simplify and streamline the preparation process, while offering high quality products & items at a price that just makes sense. We wanted to take the guesswork out of assessing family needs in emergency scenarios, while offering greater value than trying to piece together an emergency kit via retailers and super markets. That’s

  • As a Sustain reader, you probably come to us for updates, news, and more information we provide on our blog. That being said, we want to shine light on others who have great insight and knowledge when it comes to preparation and disaster. Here are our top 4 preparedness podcasts that are available on iTunes and around the web: Library at

  • We rarely are given warnings when emergencies happen. To make matters worse, emergencies don’t always happen when you’re at home with your family. Oftentimes, disasters happen when you’re at work or away from home. At Sustain, we continue to preach the importance of having a plan in place when the lights shut off and the power goes out. Being prepared

  • It seems there are more natural disasters year over year. In 2018, we saw wildfires burn thousands of acres, hurricanes tear apart communities, and earthquakes change the structure of the earth. Historically, natural disasters have wreaked havoc across the world in isolated events but the increased variance in addition to an ever-changing climate are creating what scientist call “cascading” natural

  • As a parent, your ultimate goal is making sure your family is safe. Developing an emergency game plan for you and your family to simulate before an emergency happens can help you be ready for the unexpected. This doesn’t mean you have to create a wind tunnel around your house and cut off the power. Instead, a great way to

  • There has been an increase in extreme weather and overall doomsday hysteria in recent years. The bottom line is this: the world is changing rapidly. How you prepare for these changes can be critical to how you and your family survive in the face of an emergency. Having the proper supplies ready and on hand is the first step and

  • Being prepared for anything means you have to be knowledgeable about what’s out there. At Sustain Supply Co., we take pride in ensuring our consumers are always informed and aware of the current preparation and disaster climates across the world. That being said, we aren’t shy to direct our consumers, or readers, down the right path to further broaden their

  • In a world where severe weather is a real concern, preparation and the ability to be ready for anything, is key. Our aim at Sustain was to create something that people could depend on before, during, and after a disaster. So, what exactly is included in our Sustain Supply Emergency bags? Essential2: This bag is our most economical and can Sustain two

  • At their core, natural disasters are emotions from the earth, and, similar to human emotions, they can come out of nowhere with little time to prepare or react to them. Over the past century, there have been three disasters that have caused some of the worst damage of our time. Historians and weather experts have long documented earthquakes, but, in

  • From tornados to wildfires, we’re breaking down the four main misconceptions people have when they think of common natural disasters. Tornados | Have you heard you’re supposed to seek shelter in a highway overpass or under a bridge during a tornado? Well, don’t. This is probably one of the worst places to be during a tornado. In reality, seeking shelter under

  • It’s been a busy year for natural disasters. From record breaking hurricanes in the south to devastating wildfires in the west, 2018 has been unpredictable. This year has proven that being prepared is key to survival when disaster strikes near your home. So, what were the worst disasters of 2018 and how do we prepare for 2019? Hurricane Michael landed on

  • By now we know the importance of being prepared for any and all unexpected situations. Perhaps you and your family find yourselves unable to leave your home because of unexpected flooding from a storm, or maybe you’re stranded on the side of the road because of a flat tire or dead car battery. At Sustain, we believe in being prepared for

  • It’s difficult to know when disaster will strike near your home. Though it’s possible to plan for certain disasters like hurricanes, we aren’t always given ample time to find safe ground from tornados, earthquakes, or flash floods. We shouldn’t wait for disasters to strike before we prepare, which is why Sustain wants you and your family to have a collective strategy

  • Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, tornado, or flood, natural disasters displace thousands of individuals on a yearly basis. The best way you and your family can be prepared for these unexpected events is by creating a plan in advance. Below we’ve included items you may want to consider when creating your disaster checklist and adding your emergency stockpile: Liquids | Remember,

  • Whether it is hiking through Yellowstone, pitching a tent in the Smoky Mountains, or spending a few days along the shore of Lake Superior, everyone should take time now and again to get away from the daily grind and see what Mother Nature has to offer. Summer and fall are great times to hit the trail and Sustain is

  • Steve Greenberg explains the importance of being prepared before a storm hits. Steve goes over the contents included in each of the survival bags, the Comfort2, Comfort4 and Essential2. There is always a risk of losing power during or after a storm and without electricity city water pumps could be offline and you will not have water at your residence,

  • Analysis of Hurricane Harvey, which drowned Houston, confirms predictions that the storms are likely to get bigger, be more intense and last longer. Hurricane Harvey, which inundated the Houston area with up to 60 inches of rain last August, was one of the most outlandish storms ever to hit the U.S. Ironically, it crossed a Gulf of Mexico that had been

  • Buying a kit and stocking up on additional supplies is a great step toward being better prepared. But, having the stuff you might need is only part of the equation. You need to take the time to put together a practical, realistic plan for what to do if a crisis occurs. One reason a plan is important is that in a

  • When deciding what to keep on hand in the food pantry to use during emergencies, many people focus strictly upon shelf-life and calories. While we do need those calories, especially if we are performing more physical work than normal, we cannot overlook the need for proper nutrition. Don't get me wrong. During a simple power outage, there is absolutely

  • Any preparedness plan begins with water. Conventional wisdom dictates the human body can survive up to three days without water. The reality is that dehydration sets in far sooner than three days. Symptoms of mild dehydration include thirst, muscle cramps, and headache. These are things we can sometimes just work through with a little effort, though it isn't a fun time.

  • One of the primary considerations when shopping for emergency gear is budget.  Few of us are independently wealthy and therefore we need to make every dollar count.  One of the best ways to do that is to invest in quality rather than shopping strictly based on price. If you buy something that’s good quality, you’ll have to replace it far less

  • When packing your ‘Bug Out Bag’ you want to include important documents (or copies) just in case you need them after an emergency. For example, lets say that there is a high confidence forecast of a hurricane impact in your area and you have decided to leave. As you are putting ‘stuff’ in your vehicle, you realize that your home

  • The Official 2018 Bug Out Bag Checklist. See our top picks for over 100+ reviewed items! Knives, fire starters, filters, shelters, backpacks, and more… We’ve reviewed thousands of items, threw out all the junk, and kept the best. In this thorough resource you will find the gear you actually need. Having a bug out bag ready to go gives you a significant